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Library Links
Electric Library
Virtual Library
Community Access Program
Industry Canada
Caistor Kiddies
Niagara Farmers Monthly
West Lincoln Historical Society
West Lincoln Township
Early Years
Research and Resource Links
EBSCO (Auto Repair and Canadian Points of View)
Genealogy Resources
Health Resources
Knowledge Ontario
School Resources
Teen Health and Wellness
Search Links
Job Search
Search Tips
Entertainment News

School Resources

Educational Resources

Search Sites
Google - One of the most popular search sites
Ask Jeeves - Ask Jeeves any question and see if he can find the answer for you
Yahooligans - A site designed specifically for youths
Mamma - Great search to find hard to get images and useful information

Encyclopedia & Research
Electric Library - Electric Library has a database of Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Pictures, Maps, TV and Radio Transcripts
Encarta - Encarta is Microsoft's online encyclopedia, limited information can be obtained without owning the CD.

Science Sites
How Things Work - If you need to know how the internet works, or how a satellite can get you so many stations, then this site has it all.
Endangered Species Home Page - List of all the endangered species of the world

Geological Sites
Earthquakes - Canadian government site on earthquakes.
National Atlas of Canada - Facts about Canada
Canadian Terrain - Geological Survey of Canada

Elementary and Secondary
Ministry of Education - Get any information on the elementary and secondary cucrriculum.