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Coming In June The Summer Reading Program


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Dragons, Books and Quests
Summer Reading Program


Fire Up Your Immagination with Dragons and Quests that take you far away!

The West Lincoln Public Libraries, Wellandport, Caistorville and Smithville, invite all young readers to join our TD Summer Reading Club. It will begin the first week in July, and run until mid-August. The TD Summer Reading Club is open to all children who enjoy reading and listening to stories. To participate in the Reading Club, please register at one of the branches of the West Lincoln Public Library (listed above) on or after the first week in July, and start reading! Awards will be given for particitaption.

As a member of the Reading Club, you may enter a Story Poster Contest, and win some fabulous PRIZES. Click on the artist below for more information and follow the links to 2004 Story Poster Contest.

Harry Potter Day
Is Coming In August

Join us on Wednesday August 18th for a Special Harry Potter Day at Smithville Public Library. The days activities will include Stump The Expert (One question per person), Activity Books, Herbology Class, Guessing Contests and Draws for Prizes. For any further information contact Smithville Public Library at 905-957-3756.

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