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Video Policy

1. Videos may be borrowed for two days. Return date will be stamped on the video.

2. A late charge of $5.00 will be strictly enforced. Videos are due back before Library closing time on the due date.

3. A maximum of two videos per family may be borrowed at one time.

4. Videos may not borrowed by patrons who have overdue materials outstanding.

5. The borrower assumes responsibility for all videos borrowed, including replacement cost of lost or damaged materials.

Books-on-tape and cassettes may be borrowed for three weeks.

Public Internet

Acceptable Use

West Lincoln Public Library is pleased to provide Internet Access. The Internet is an unregulated, worldwide enviroment. It contains information and opinions that range in scope from reliable and authoritative to controversial or offensive. Users should assess the validity of all information found.

West Lincoln Public Library assumes responsiblity for information contained only in the library homepage and related pages. Staff may choose to link sites that fall within the guidelines of the Library's Collection Department Policy and the Library's Mission Statement. Beyond this, the library does not monitor or control any of the information available on the Internet.

Children are entitled to access all information and facilities in the library. Children's access to the Internet and other eletronic networks is the sole responsiblity of parents and guardians.

Library Public Internet workstations do not offer news groups, Telnet or File Transfer Protocol. The patron who attempts to use the library workstations for unlawful purposes, or to install, modify, or delete software will have their library privileges revoked and may be prosecuted.

Certain copying or distribution of materials found on the Internet may infringe on the copyright laws of Canada. West Lincoln Public Library is not responsible for for such infringements.

Printing from public access computers will cost 15 cents per page. Public computer users may download to an approved disk. Disks are available for purchase. Cost is $1.00 each.

Internet Use Guidelines

  1. The library staff is the authority over all computer activity.
  2. The West Lincoln Public Library is not responsible for any content that may be viewed.
  3. Our goal is to provide Internet access to the public. Access to anything that may be considered offensive or inappropriate is strictly prohibited. This includes sites that contain defamatory, obscene, racist, illegal or unethical content.
  4. The Internet may NOT be used to defame or harass any person or company. Patrons may not submit any personal information about another individual without his or her permission.
  5. Patrons time online will be limited to that stated by the staff person in charge. When others are waiting, priority will be given to those wishing to do research. Those wishing to use the internet for recreational purposes will be asked to wait.
  6. The Library reserves the right to log all actions taken by Internet users in reference to any breach of conduct. Any attempt to tamper with the logs will be considered a direct violation of this agreement, and future Internet access to that person may be revoked.
  7. Using other programs on the computer is acceptable, however, ANY attempt to change any system setting, such as mouse settings, background or display settings, or any other system setting, will result in the removal of computer privileges for the individual. The installation or use of any personal software is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  8. Downloads to the hard drive is not permitted without staff authorization. Any content downloaded must be placed directly on a 3.5 disk. These can be purchased at the front desk for $1.00. (As a virus protection, no personal disks can be allowed). Any content larger than one floppy disk, must be authorized by library staff before downloading.
  9. Acess to the Internet must be made through the Library Internet account. Users may not change the settings for Internet access
  10. Adding favourites, (equivalent to Netscape's bookmark), are allowed, but these must be placed in a suitable folder for organizational purposes. Any infractions in the above guidelines will result in the loss of computer privileges.